The Dura Group was founded in Vancouver in 2011 by Mr. Steve Di Fruscia and Ms. Yinghua Qu, with the concept of providing comprehensive development, management, and construction services for the construction of multi-million-dollar high-end single-family homes.

Due to the rich experience of the two real estate development founders in both China and Canada, and their reputation for high-end craftsmanship and design, their Vancouver projects attracted a lot of attention in the local market and abroad. In 2013, Dura successfully introduced the TianQing Group, one of the 500 largest real estate entities in China to the Canadian market. Dura and TianQing partnered to form the Tianco Group in Canada. Steve Di Fruscia, Co-founder of Dura, is also the President and CEO of Tianco Group. To date, the Tianco Group has invested over $340 million dollars in the Vancouver and Montreal markets.

Following their successful developments of multiple condominium projects, the Dura Group has embarked on the development of residential homes for the elderly people. In 2016, a partnership agreement was signed between the Château Bellevue Group, the fifth largest developer of retirement homes in Quebec and the Dura Group. Together, the two groups aim to develop up to 3,000 units throughout Québec. An estimated total investment of $400 million dollars.

Dura is committed to be a leader in the senior residence business in Quebec and hopes that there experience in this space will be used to promote the development of senior home residences in China, where the market demand is great and supply is low.

"With great power comes great responsibility." Dura Group's corporate culture is simple. To develop projects that bring better social and economic benefits to the people and their communities, and always remember that the customer is the upmost priority. In doing so, all its projects, communities, residents, and partners, will benefit.